Frustration is the success of the post, and bear the footsteps and strength to the next stop. As long as you are willing to go hard, it will surely be sunny.


In life, no one will always tell us the strength and ability of our competitors. So in the face of more and more people around us, we began to be overwhelmed, or pretentious, take the initiative to "arrange" to a lower position. This may be the way to go and many people have to go.


Bitter music depends on its own judgment, which is not necessarily directly related to the objective environment, just as a woman who does not love jewelry does not hurt her self-esteem even in an environment where she attaches great importance to vanity.


Any qualitative change in performance comes from the accumulation of quantitative change.


Let us put ex ante worries into ex ante thoughts and plans!


Whenever and wherever it is, as bright as a brilliant sun, as open as a young eagle flying in the sky, as enveloping as the sea, and resolutely rising up whenever it is needed, fighting evil like a blast of wind - - This is the youth.


Youth is the flower of life, shining young life, is a pure crystallization. Rush-like passion, dream-like vision, no compromise of integrity - youth is full of charm, full of glory, contains an infinite future. Youthful flowers will pave the way to your life. Youth is precious. Ladies and gentlemen, to cherish this precious time, not foolish, not to go astray.


It is your life, you can take it positively; you can also face it indifferently. Do not think about it, in order to release it! Think of it when the spirit of decadent, in order to thank you! Because in any case, you are always very fortunate to have this life, you can not come in vain ah.


Only when he has suffered setbacks, being tempted by others in all kinds of difficulties, discrimination and ridicule, can he "wake himself up" and awaken himself to being "overwhelming". Is this not the most precious gift in my life? Despite the merciless setbacks, but given endless temper, although the cruel failure, but I tend to be strong.


Optimistic face, move forward, flatten "setbacks" into the road. Frustration is not terrible, terrible is the fear and pessimism of the heart. Do not enlarge frustration, white fear and pain.


Failure is failure. Young people should have the courage to admit their failure frankly. This is upright. It is a shameful act to fail to recognize one's failure and to pass on responsibility to others. It is not only courage to admit its own failure, but also calmly and carefully analyze the reasons for the failure, so as to lay the foundation for future success.


There is no fate that can be conquered without contempt, endurance, and struggle.


Everyone is dedicated to their own youth, dedication of their own wisdom, dedication of all their own. Whether this kind of dedication is for one's own sake or for others or for the society, in all, dedication promotes the development of this society, promotes the rapid progress of this era and promotes the civilization and development of mankind.


Do not wait for opportunities, and to create opportunities.


Frustration and failure are the best gifts in life. The more a person has the ability to withstand a blow, the more experience they naturally learn and the more they have to accumulate. The weaker the ability to withstand a blow, the more they naturally find ways to evade their setbacks and lose their chances of self-workout.




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